About This Podcast

Discovering Victory Podcast

Listen to Discovering Victory, a podcast ministry of America’s Keswick. Some of the most gifted bible teachers in the world speak at America’s Keswick, and now each month you’ll get to listen to excerpts from their messages! We want you to know that we’re praying that through this ministry, God will speak to your heart and transform your life!

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www.discoveringvictorypodcast.com  | Have questions? info@americaskeswick.org

What is America’s Keswick? 


Purpose Statement

The purpose of America’s Keswick is to model and teach Biblical victorious living in Christ Jesus, to provide an environment in which Biblical life transformation takes place and to foster active personal involvement in the local church.

Mission Statement

America’s Keswick is a multi-generational, cross-cultural ministry where biblical teaching and worship lead to deeper personal relationships with Jesus Christ and transform lives. We serve people with excellence through addiction recovery, conferences, retreats and outreach.

For more information about our ministry visit our website www.americaskeswick.org or call 800.453.7942!


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