Discovering Victory Podcast | June 2016 Edition

Thank you for joining us for the June Edition of our Discovering Victory Podcast. We’re excited about Graeme Wilson and Dr. Bill Welte’s LIVE round table with Dr. Woodrow Kroll as they discussed our 2016 summer theme “Facing the Future with Confidence”. Listen as we discuss topics such as the status of the American Church, current hot button issues in our culture, an update on his grandson Thaddeus, and his latest passion project, HELIOS.

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  • Dr. Woodrow Kroll, President of Woodrow Kroll Ministries

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Discovering Victory Podcast – June 2015 Edition

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Podcast Speaker: Dr. Charles Zimmerman

Podcast Hosts: Graeme Wilson and Dr. Bill Welte

Message intro:

What’s trending today? You can literally hash tag almost anything and be instantly fed a slew of related information. Click here and follow it there. Soon you’ll find you can’t remember where you started or what you were looking for in the first place! It’s easier than we might like to believe for even the most devoted followers of Christ to get off track. To spite those distrations, God is using technology to help us follow Jesus Christ more closely. Not to mention so many who can’t be reached by any other means of communication. We praise God for that and we’re glad you found this message since it deals directly with the topic of examining who or what we follow. Let’s listen as Dr. Charles Zimmerman hashes it out for us.

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